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Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing is a professional, caring Physiotherapy Practice in Lincoln.  We specialise in high quality, person centred care for people with persistent pain, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, long covid, PoTS, chronic stress & anxiety.  We can also offer support with other complex conditions that Ann has experience in, including FND.    At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing care is a tailored combination of specialist physiotherapy, coaching and yoga.  All services offered by Ann at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing are trauma-informed.

To watch a summary video about Ann’s 1:1 work, in terms of who she works with and how she works click the button below:

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Specialist physiotherapy, yoga & wellness coaching services are tailored to individual and business needs.  They are available in person in Lincoln and/or remotely (phone/video) and virtually worldwide.

our Physiotherapy & wellbeing services

Persistent Pain

Persistent Pain


ME/CFS & Long Covid

Wellness at Work

Wellness at Work

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching



Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Meditation Services


Our core values






Compassion is the heart of everything we do and it is one of Ann’s personal values

About Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing

We aim to compassionately understand people in their world and treat the whole person, body and mind are inextricably interlinked.

One of the main philosophies of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing in Lincoln, Lincolnshire is to:

‘Empower you to move with more ease, do what you love, live well & thrive.’

Through understanding and exploration, connecting to what’s meaningful & those around you, along with calming your nervous system you can move with more ease, create a new path forwards and over time thrive again. We have created a little saying about this:

‘Connect to yourself & others with compassion, calm your nervous system, create a life full of meaning.’

This has become a sort of mantra at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing.  It evolved from a flash of inspiration when Ann was writing her book.  Connection to ourselves and others is crucial for our wellbeing and is often temporarily lost when we are struggling with something like persistent pain.  There is always a need to calm the nervous system and body with ongoing pain.  We also need to balance the busyness of modern society, which can overstimulate our threat systems, with soothing and calmness.  Through understanding our values & living aligned with them, doing what we love and what matters most, we can create a meaningful life.

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