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About Ann - Specialist Physiotherapist & Integrative Somatic Practitioner

Ann works as a specialist physiotherapist & integrative somatic practitioner in Lincoln at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, which she founded in 2009.  Within physiotherapy Ann originally specialised in persistent pain and neurology, she also developed a special interest in helping people who are struggling with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), long covid/post covid syndrome and postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS).  Ann provides specialist physiotherapy in person Lincoln and/or remotely (phone/video) and virtually worldwide for people living with persistent pain and/or fatigue, and still sees people with FND from a neurological perspective.  Ann combines coaching, yoga, somatics/embodiment, compassionate mind training, NLP & the principles of acceptance & commitment therapy with physiotherapy for people with pain and/or ME/CFS, long covid, and PoTS to help them move with more ease, be able to do what matters most & thrive.  She understands persistent pain, ME/CFS & PoTS from a personal perspective too and knows it’s always possible to make some helpful changes.  All of Ann’s offerings are trauma informed, she has done a lot of training in this area.  

The integrative somatic side of Ann’s work is also offered separately to physiotherapy for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing and/or make some changes in life.  Within this side of her work Ann has a particular interest in helping people with chronic stress, anxiety and trauma.  There is a whole chapter on stress management in the book she published in 2020 (Dancing through Life: A Guide to Living Well).   This book is a practical guide that covers many different aspects of wellbeing, you can find out more about it at the bottom of this page.

All of Ann’s work aims to help people too connect to their body in a way that builds safety, trust and compassion.  Through this and giving people different choices to explore Ann aims to empower people to make changes that support their health and wellbeing, healing and being able to thrive.

Ann Parkinson physiotherapist in Lincoln

To watch a video of a summary of Ann’s 1:1 work click the button below.

Everyone is treated as an individual with a holistic approach, blending treatment for body & mind as these are inextricably interlinked, technically no division belongs between these words reflecting their unity (bodymind).  Ann has done extensive training in bodymind therapies, alongside her physiotherapy degree and ongoing associated learning.  She has completed 300 hours of yoga teacher training which includes a trauma-informed and embodied resilience yoga teacher training course, NLP practitioner training, and life coach training.  She has completed a 60 hour integrative somatic trauma therapy certificate.  Ann has also completed other short courses and done extensive self-development, including in compassion focused therapy/compassionate mind training and acceptance & commitment therapy, somatic & embodiment, and trauma.  She integrates her learning in her own life and personal practices, as well as using them within clinical practice.

Ann works in partnership with people, compassionately exploring together, deepening understanding and working out what changes could be helpful.  She is committed to ongoing learning and doing her best to keep up to date with evidenced based practice and applying this in an individual way.  Ann has been described by a number of people as a lifelong learner, she holds a compassionate curiosity and loves to learn.  Ann feels working with people struggling with pain, ME/CFS, long covid & PoTS, anxiety, stress and trauma is a privilege and she is grateful to have learnt, and continue to learn, from the people she works with every day.

Ann is passionate about empowering people to find the ease & joy in movement, to be able to do what they love, to be compassionate towards themselves, improve their wellbeing & thrive again, and live in an embodied way that is aligned with their true self.  Ann can help you explore what could be helpful for you

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