I had a lot of problems with my back and also the beginnings of arthritis in my knees, hips and hands so I was advised to go to Ann by my son who was having treatment with her. Ann was able to give me a lot of time to work at exercises and techniques to improve things like my muscle strength. This has helped enormously and now when I get a flare up in my back I am able to control it with exercise and stop it from getting too bad. She was also able to help in my mind to understand more what is going on and to help me to approach my problem from a positive viewpoint. Very many thanks to Ann!!

Robert, Lincoln

I was somewhat dubious about what could be achieved given I had contracted an incurable disease.   However, thanks to Ann’s professionalism, knowledge, encouragement and a sense of humour, I no longer have any misgivings.   A ‘tahdah’ followed by a ‘007’ is not to be missed!  I wish Ann well and thank her for all her help.

Cassandra, Lincoln

I came to Ann following ongoing problems with chronic headaches.
It was the first time someone had sat down with me properly to go through all my symptoms and actually start to look at possible solutions.
Ann helped me with physiotherapy, mindfulness, pain management and I also started pilates classes with her. She helped to refer me to appropriate specialists that could form a multi disciplinary team who could work together to try and solve the puzzle.  My time with Ann was always unhurried, calming and I felt I was being given the time to talk. Unlike with the GP!  I wouldn’t hesitate to come to Ann again should I develop any further or new problems and the physio led pilates were fantastic.

Karen, Lincoln

An amazing class with an exceptional teacher. Ann responds to individual needs and guides you through all exercises.

Laura, Lincoln

After seeing Ann for nearly two years my pain has significantly reduced and she has taught and advised me on further progression for my hand.  When I first went to see Ann I had no functional use of my dominant hand, it was holding me back, she reassured me and made me feel incredibly comfortable.  I had seen quite a few physio’s but none had the compassion and understanding Ann did.  She has helped me think differently about the pain present, step by step this has decreased and the movement, range and strength in my hand has increased. Without her I still would have been struggling like the previous 2 years.  I am very grateful for all the help she gave me.

Rebecca, Lincoln

I am close to the end of my treatment with Ann now and I would like to say how grateful I am for the improvements I have made physically and mentally. Seeing Ann has enabled me to become more active, I am able to do much more of the things I thought weren’t possible from everyday small tasks to enabling myself to do the things I enjoy, I am mentally stronger & positive towards my condition since seeing Ann. Thanks Ann for helping me move forward

Paul, Lincolnshire

Ann provides a first class Neurological, specialist physiotherapy and a pain relief service plus ongoing life skills advice.

I have used Ann’s physiotherapy services now for 8 months. I am a 78 year old stroke survivor of over 35+ years and had developed lots of bad postural habits through those years resulting in extensive shoulder discomfort while walking.   Ann’s practical, physical approach coupled with her wide depth of knowledge resources plus her life skills advice have been of massive benefit to me; that continue to aid me in my ongoing general well being, my balance, my walking abilities through the alleviating of the pain I was experiencing from all the bad posture practices I’ve developed from doing it my way.

Ann is an extremely pleasant, cheerful, happy, tolerant and patient lady with a good sense of humour, who uses her extensive technical knowledge and life skills for the ongoing benefit of her patients.

I would unreservedly recommend Ann’s physiotherapy skills and lifestyle advice to anyone suffering skeletal or posture pain discomforts.

I thank her for all her efforts on my behalf.

Theresa, Lincoln

For over 3 years I suffered severe neck and shoulder pain after open heart surgery followed by a Laminectomy. I was finally recommended to Ann and after less than 6 months of treatment including exercises and relaxation techniques, she has succeeded in reducing my pain by some 80% for which I am most grateful. Using the techniques she has shown me I fully expect the improvement to continue.

Linda, Lincoln

I have been going to Ann’s Tuesday morning Pilates classes for several months, and found them very enjoyable and friendly.  Ann tailors the exercises to each class member’s ability and particular issues (e.g. knees, back problems etc).
The classes are usually small in number, which enables Ann to see how everyone is doing and correct as necessary, I have been to other classes in the past with lots of people and by the time the tutor has got round to me I find I have been doing an exercise incorrectly for several minutes.
I feel I have greatly benefited from the classes and would definitely recommend Pilates classes with Ann.

Anne-Marie, Lincoln

I was advised by my doctor that neuro physiotherapy would be beneficial for my fibromyalgia pain and was surprised to find a specialist in Lincoln.  After meeting with Ann for an initial consultation I immediately felt that Ann could help me, giving me information on my pain generating a much better understanding of it and exercises to manage it better.  After a few sessions with Ann I started to feel the benefit of the breathing exercises and simple pilates movements I had been given to work on between sessions and felt that Ann’s knowledge and professionalism meant that she really understood how to help. Something I had not experienced before.  Ann has now helped me to reach point where I can visit the gym regularly without feeling too much pain after a session and has also introduced me to regular pilates classes that are continuing to improve my strength, pain management, balance and coordination as well as teaching relaxation techniques such as meditation that have helped relax tightened muscles as well as the mind.

I would absolutely recommend Ann to anyone in physical pain or simply needing to learn to relax and destress

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