Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing’s core values:

Compassion , Communication, Creativity, Honesty, Unity
A little about why these values are important to us:


As well as being a business core value compassion is one of Ann’s core values, she believes it should be at the heart of healthcare & society to help us all be well, happy & thrive together. Compassion is often misunderstood, it is a type of motivation that has a wisdom, strength/courage and a heartfelt caring commitment. It’s often not easy to stand with suffering, to fully notice and then take compassionate action, courage is needed. There are some important parts of compassion including being fully present & listening and acknowledging someones distress and their experience. At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing people are always fully listened to with the intent to understand them in their world. This is a helpful foundation for exploring what could be helpful and creating changes.


We are communicating to others and ourselves all the time and how we do this matters. Clear, compassionate and honest communication are important parts of effective communication. Effective communication gives us understanding, clarity and direction around what could be helpful. At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we always aim to communicate compassionately, clearly and honestly.


Creativity is important for many reasons, including exploring with an open mind, being flexible and holding a sense of playfulness. We tailor treatment programmes creatively, blending things together in a way that’s unique for each person. We encourage a sense of playfulness, play is important for learning and our wellbeing, along with helping us to hold things lightly as we explore. Creativity can, of course, mean using expressive writing and drawing, we use these forms of creativity when it’s helpful, you don’t have to feel creative to be creative.


Honesty is another of Ann’s core personal values. At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we will always be ethical and honest, it is important to us to maintain our moral standards. So, you can guarantee we will always be open, honest and act with integrity.


Unity became part of our business name when we rebranded in 2017, we feel unity is really important. Everything is united and part of one big whole, from the cells in our body to every person and nature, the whole world is joined together. The way in which we feel united and the lenses through which we see the connections through matters as it influences our wellbeing and ability to thrive. At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we encourage a compassionate unity, seeing the big picture with all the connections in a compassionate way.

Our Mantras

At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we aim to encourage:
We have two mantras that reflect Compassion, Wellness & Thriving:
'Empowering you to move with more ease,
Do what you love,
Live well,
& Thrive'
‘Connect to yourself & others with compassion,
calm your nervous system,
create a life full of meaning’

Here are some of the why’s behind these two mantras

When people are struggling with pain and/or fatigue their ease of movement is affected and often joy in movement & life are lost, movement is an important parts of wellness and thriving. Ease of movement is affected by many things, such as, chronic stress. The ease & joy in movement can be reconnected to through exploration & practice.

Connection is really important for our wellbeing. Often when people are struggling with something, for example, persistent pain, they disconnect from themselves, others and the world around them, they feel isolated. There is quite a lot of research on the impact of isolation on our health and wellbeing. Also when struggling people often connect to themselves in a self-critical way more often, this increases things like pain and anxiety. At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we believe in encouraging compassionate connection as it nurtures the most helpful relationship with ourselves and others, as well as helping us to engage in what’s meaningful to us.

Calming our nervous system is important, this relates to both our central nervous system and autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic part of our autonomic nervous system (fight-flight) gets over-stimulated by society and by, such as, persistent pain and chronic stress. Many practices can help us to down regulate the sympathetic nervous system back to a helpful resting baseline. Calming our nervous system down and creating balance systems is part of changing pain, fatigue, chronic stress and anxiety.

Live well relates to anything that nurtures wellness, or our health & wellbeing, the things that help are vast. There isn’t a right or wrong though there are some guiding principles, finding what works for each person and being flexible with it helps to maximise wellness & ability to thrive.

Do what you love and create a life full of meaning are part of the same thing. What’s full of meaning for us is often what we love to do too. Meaningful activities are those that are connected to our core values, the things that matter most in life. Doing meaningful activities and living vales aligned nurtures our health and wellbeing. When people are struggling with, such as, pain they often stop doing what’s meaningful and this increases the suffering. There is always away to reconnect to our values & what’s meaningful.

Thriving is something Ann feels is built from compassion and wellness. Wellness is not necessarily the absence of, such as, pain, stress and fatigue, it is more being able to create a way of living that helps manage these things so we are able to do what’s important to us. We can thrive when times are tricky, we can find some ease in some moments. Understanding and practice helps us shift from feeling we are struggling and surviving all of the time to being able to thrive.

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