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Dancing Through Life: A Guide to Living Well

Ann's Book 'Dancing through Life: A Guide to Living Well' published in November 2020 and is available to purchase on amazon:

There are many resources available, some are listed here to help you make a start exploring.

The rest room by Natasha Lipman
Pain Speaks by Deepak Ravindran

Why do we hurt by Professor Lorimer Moseley

Pain, the brain and your amazing protectometer by Professor Lorimer Moseley

Tame the beast: It’s time to rethink persistent pain

Pain and me: Tamar Pincus talks about chronic pain, acceptance and commitment

Back pain – separating fact from fiction by Professor Peter O’Sullivan

Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it

Understanding Pain: Brainman chooses

Understanding Pain: Brainman stops his opioids

Self-Care and Self-Compassion in Pain Care with Shelly Prosko

Aches & Pains by Louis Gifford

Explain Pain by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley.

Explain Pain Handbook, Protectometer by David Butler & Lorimer Moseley.

The Language of Pain by David Biro.

Neurocomic by Dr Matteo Farinella & Dr Hana Ros. 

Pain Heros by Alison Sim.

Painful Yarns: Metaphors and Stories to help understand the Biology of Pain by Lorimer Moseley.

Understand Pain Live Well Again by Neil Pearson (free audio book

The Painful Truth by Dr Monty Lyman

The Pain-free Minset by Deepak Ravindran

The Compassionate Mind by Professor Paul Gilford

The Compassionate Mind Workbook by Dr Chris Irons & Dr Elaine Beaumont

Compassion focused Therapy for Dummies by Dr Mary Welford

Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain Edited by Neil Pearson, Shelly Prosko & Marlysa Sullivan.

Dancing Through Life: A Guide to Living Well by Ann Parkinson

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