ME/CFS & Long Covid

‘Empowering You To Move With More Ease, Do What You Love, Live Well & Thrive’

Management of ME/CFS & Long Covid

At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing we offer services to help people with ME/CFS & long covid.  Physiotherapy & other wellness offerings are combined to help people manage and change ME/CFS & long covid symptoms.  This service is offered in person in Lincoln and/or remotely (video/phone) and via video worldwide.  Ann has specialised in pain and neurology and has many years of experience of helping people change and manage fatigue, pain and other symptoms.  Alongside offering services for people with persistent pain, fibromyalgia, ME/CFS & long covid, Ann also offers support for people with PoTS which commonly goes alongside these conditions.  Ann lives with ME/CFS and PoTS and has improved both conditions and has learnt to live well with them, she also has lived experience of persistent pain.  

Following the best available evidence in a way that meets individual needs is important to us at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, all of our offerings are bespoke.  ME/CFS & long covid desperately need better research, it is looking like this is gradually happening following covid and Ann endeavours to keep up to date with developing research.  

Best practice is to treat the whole person, working with body and mind which are inextricably interlinked.  Understanding the person, the different possible mechanisms of the symptoms, possible treatment and management options and treating each person as an individual, is important and an essential part of making changes.  Your story will always be compassionately heard, Ann understands the importance of this.  Working together we can make changes to help you do what you love, live well & thrive again.

Freedom from pain & energy

Who we see

Ann has worked most often with people where fatigue is associated with the following conditions:

There are many similarities, as well as some differences, in the management of fatigue and other symptoms for people with different conditions.  

What to expect

At Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing care combines tailored specialist physiotherapy & somatic wellness offerings (includes yoga and somatic based coaching) to help you make changes & be able to do what’s meaningful.  More information on somatic wellness coaching can be found in the other related services section below.

The first appointment is a holistic assessment of how ME/CFS or long covid is affecting you and your quality of life.  This includes many different aspects, for example, consideration of the level of PEM and what triggers this for you, understanding you and your life and what is most meaningful to you.

Wellbeing in Lincoln
Treatment commonly includes:
Fatigue management Lincoln

Other related services we offer

Somatic wellness coaching

Physiotherapy for people with persistent pain


You can arrange a virtual appointment for anywhere in the UK or an in person appointment in Lincoln.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out how Ann can help manage and change fatigue, do what you love, live well and thrive again get in touch to book your appointment, or a free 15 minute call to help you decide if working with Ann is right for you.

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