‘Connect to Yourself & Others With Compassion, Calm Your Nervous System, Create a Life Full Of Meaning’

Meditation is part of the wellness coaching offered at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, along with yoga and compassionate mind training. Meditation helps us connect to ourselves, noticing what’s present and trains the mind to come back to our point of focus when it drifts to another focus and it nurtures our wellbeing.

Meditation can be part of an overall plan to help you manage pain and stress, and ultimately look after your health and wellbeing.

Meditation is an awareness state, where the mind is calm yet alert, which trains our concentration and attention. It can have many benefits including training our attention and concentration, improving cognition, increasing self-awareness, calming the nervous system, improving vagal tone, and it can potentially help change and manage pain. Meditation could be seen as something that trains our attention, nurtures wellness & thriving.

‘Connect, Notice & Nurture With Meditation’

There is a common misconception that meditation is about relaxation and stopping thinking, it’s not although a relaxation response and a calmer mind (not one absent of thoughts) are often by-products of meditation because it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-digest response) and gives an anchor for our mind to keep being returned to. There are many different forms of meditation practices, which can be seated or laying practices with a point of focus, for example the breath, a word, phrase or image.

Who we see

We see anyone wanting to explore meditation as part of improving their wellbeing, either as a stand alone practice or as part of wellness coaching.

Other related services we offer

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Yoga Services


You can arrange a virtual appointment for anywhere in the UK or an in person appointment in Lincoln.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out how Ann can help manage and change fatigue, do what you love, live well and thrive again get in touch to book your appointment, or a free 15 minute call to help you decide if working with Ann is right for you.

We offer some free meditations on SoundCloud

Grounding & Calming:
Petals From the Tree

Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Breath & Body Awareness

Safe Place Imagery

Golden Thread Breath

(extended exhale practice)

Compassionate Body Scan

Loving Kindness Meditation

Nurturing What's Supportive

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