Wellness at Work

‘Encouraging Compassion, Wellness & Thriving in the Workplace’

Why Wellness in the Workplace Matters

Workplace wellness matters for many reasons, including that it can help to:

Sickness rates are a concern for all businesses, the most common reasons for sickness absence are minor illness, musculoskeletal disorders, stress, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Body and mind are inextricably interlinked, so unsurprisingly illness is more common when stress levels are high, Ann, at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, offers workplace wellness programmes that respect the unity of body and mind and can help to reduce, such as, stress and anxiety.

Why Compassion in the Workplace Matters:

Compassion is really important when someone is struggling with pain and/or fatigue and for us all to support our wellness and ability to thrive. Compassion is misunderstood, one of the myths is that it’s all soft and fluffy and allows bad behaviour to slide, which it doesn’t. Compassion has two sides which is an openness (or willingness) and strength, it often needs immense courage. Compassion in the workplace is beneficial in many ways, including that it can help:

Compassion is a foundational part of our ‘Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’ tailored workplace wellness programmes. Compassion is one of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing’s core values, for more on our core values click the button below.

What Influences Wellness at Work?

Wellness at work requires us to look after our health & wellbeing both at work and at home, we cannot split work and home life as they have a bidirectional relationship. Many factors affect wellness at work, including:
Ann has specialised in working with people with pain and fatigue within her physiotherapy work, this can be included in our tailored workplace packages. For more information on corporate physiotherapy for people with persistent pain and/or fatigue click the button below

‘Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’ Workplace Wellness Programme

Our ‘Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’ tailored workplace programmes can help improve staff wellness and help people to thrive at work and home, which in turn can impact things like absence rates and teamwork. Our workplace wellness programme is tailored for individual business needs, combining specialist physiotherapy for people with pain and/or fatigue and wellness coaching (when physiotherapy is needed).

Our workplace wellness packages commonly include:

  • Specialist physiotherapy & wellness coaching for people with persistent pain and/or fatigue
  • The ‘Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’ in the workplace tailored programme comprises of a variety of workshop, including in:
    • Compassionate mind training
    • Stress management
    • Self-care
    • Values exploration
    • Communication
    • Sleep & physical activity
    • Meaningful activity & wellness
    • Yoga workshops

About Ann

Ann is the founder of Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, she is a fully qualified physiotherapist who has specialised in the areas of persistent pain and neurology, she also has a special interest in helping people struggling with fatigue. You can find out more about Ann here

Ann Parkinson physiotherapist in Lincoln

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