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Wellness coaching is part of Ann’s work as an integrative somatic practitioner.  The wellness coaching Ann uses is a form of embodiment/somatic coaching, embodied coaching essentially means noticing what is present in your body (how your experience is showing up through your body).  Coaching is individually tailored to each person in a way that helps them explore what supports their wellbeing and what creates conditions that helps them to thrive.  Wellness coaching can be offered to anyone wanting to make changes that help them to nurture and support their wellness.  Ann combines other aspects of her work as an integrative somatic practitioner into wellness coaching, including yoga, NLP, compassionate mind training, somatic and embodiment practices.


What Would You Like?

Wellness coaching with Ann at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing can help with all of the above and more.

Many Things Impact Our Health & Wellbeing

Our health & wellbeing affects all aspects of life and vice versa and we can influence some of the factors that contribute to our wellness.  Some of the many factors that affect our wellness include stress, habits (including thinking habits), physical activity/exercise, sleep, beliefs, behaviours, mindsets, our self-talk, disconnection from our body, and the way in which we relate to ourselves.  There are many things in life that we can’t control, focusing on what we can control/influence along with having a toolbox of strategies is important.  This can help us to navigate the difficult times in life, look after our health & wellbeing and it’s part of creating the conditions that help us to thrive.  All weathers are present to varying degrees each day, noticing them and choosing which to focus on is part of looking after our wellbeing.

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Whole Person Wellness

Mental health & physical health cannot be split, body & mind (bodymind) are inextricably interlinked and part of the whole person.  This is why Ann integrates the knowledge and skills from the many bodymind therapies and practices that she has studied into her work as an integrative somatic practitoner to create her own unique somatic/embodiment coaching model.  Ann is a trained physiotherapist, life coach, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, meditation and yoga teacher.  She also has a certification in functional nutrition & chronic pain, myofascial & integrative fascial release, has done some training in acceptance & commitment therapy, and has done extensive training in compassion focused therapy/compassionate mind training and embodiment/somatics.  Working with Ann helps you to explore different aspects of wellbeing in an embodied way (a body based understanding), discover what changes could support your wellbeing & help you to thrive.  Ann tailors offerings to meet your individual needs and works in partnership with you to explore what will help you to reach your desired health & wellbeing goals.

Ann has developed her own wellbeing framework, called the PACE’s & SIM’s, which is part of her book ‘Dancing Through Life: A Guide to Living Well.’  Aspects of the PACE’s & SIM’s, or all of them, are explored as part of individualised tailored care.  Here’s the PACE’s & SIM’s image from Ann’s book

Compassionate wellbeing

What To Expect

We all have the ability to help ourselves, you understand you best, coaching empowers you to make choices with greater knowledge and understanding.  Coaching and other offerings that are part of Ann’s work will deepen your understanding through questioning and compassionate embodied exploration.  We usually explore your values as these guide, inspire and motivate us and they are a compass for living a meaningful and purposeful life, they guide us to move in the directions that are heartfelt and meaningful.  When we are living out of line with our values it often affects our wellbeing, and ability to thrive.

As mentioned already Ann takes an embodiment/somatic approach to coaching and all her work, which basically means noticing how our experience is showing up in the body.  This can include, for example, noticing how anxiety is showing up in the body, compassionately exploring this and then making helpful changes.  Connecting to our bodies is really important especially as we commonly disconnect from them due to, such as trauma, anxiety, stress, not feeling good enough, persistent pain and many more reasons.  As part of exploration a variety of practices are used to help you create what would be more nurturing, make helpful changes and helps you to achieve your goals.  You can choose which practices are most helpful to engage with on a daily basis to support your wellbeing and the changes you are aiming for.

Who We See

Ann sees anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing and/or who wishes to make some changes in life, she has often worked with people with chronic stress and anxiety.  Appointments can be offered in person locally or remotely (online/phone) and can be offered online worldwide.  She always works within her knowledge and skills limits, sometimes it’s more appropriate for you to see another professional, like a psychologist, if this is the case it will be discussed with you and Ann can work alongside them with you if this is helpful.

Other Related Services We Offer Include:

Wellness workshops



You can arrange a virtual appointment for anywhere in the UK or an in person appointment in Lincoln.

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If you would like to find out how Ann can help manage and change fatigue, do what you love, live well and thrive again get in touch to book your appointment, or a free 15 minute call to help you decide if working with Ann is right for you.

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