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‘Encouraging Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’

Many things in life impact our health & wellbeing, either in a helpful way or an unhelpful way.  For example, chronic stress has a negative impact on our health and wellbeing unless we take helpful action.  You may have noticed when you are stressed you don’t sleep well, eat more junk food and stop doing the things that nurture you, this happens to us all sometimes!  Often there are stress responses happening in the body and yet we think we don’t feel stressed or we tell ourselves we are ok and can manage.  On one hand mindset is important on another we need to ensure we don’t ignore what’s happening in our body.  It’s important we can notice the cycle of stress, as with the many other cycles that exist in life, its impact and take helpful action.

The wellness workshop series offered by Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing can help you compassionately connect to yourself, calm body & mind and nurture what’s helpful for wellness & thriving.  Ann developed these workshops from years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and coach, combined with personal experience of struggling with pain and fatigue to being able to live well and thrive.

Ann is a fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapist who has specialised in working with people who have persistent pain & neurological conditions, alongside this she has a special interest in helping people struggling with fatigue.  She is also a qualified life coach, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner (NLP), yoga and meditation teacher.  Ann integrates yoga, NLP, meditation, acceptance & commitment therapy and compassionate mind training/compassion focused therapy into 1:1 appointments and the workshops she offers.

Workshops/Seminars at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing

Workshops are tailored for individual group needs.  Some examples of the individual workshops and the series of workshops offered.

What to expect:

Some of these workshops are offered in Ann’s capacity as both a physiotherapist and wellness coach and some only in the capacity as wellness coach (this is made clear at the time on enquiry and booking).

The workshops encompass many aspects, or all of them, from the wellbeing framework from Ann’s book called ‘Dancing through life: A Guide to Living Well.  Here’s the PACE’s & SIM’s wellbeing framework image from the book. 

Compassionate wellbeing

Who we see

Anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing can attend the workshops, many workshops have a pre-screen to complete before attending.

Other related services we offer

Wellness Coaching



You can arrange a virtual appointment for anywhere in the UK or an in person appointment in Lincoln.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out how Ann can help manage and change fatigue, do what you love, live well and thrive again get in touch to book your appointment, or a free 15 minute call to help you decide if working with Ann is right for you.

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