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‘Encouraging Compassion, Wellness & Thriving’

Why Attend Wellness Workshops?

Many things in life impact our health & wellbeing, either in a helpful way or an unhelpful way and with awareness and understanding we can discern what things are most helpful for us.  It is important that we combine our cognitive understanding with what our body is telling us, all too often we have a cognitive knowing and are not listening to the wisdom of the body.  

Ann, who runs Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing, offers a variety of wellness workshops to help you compassionately connect to yourself & your body’s wisdom, regulate your nervous system, and explore what nurtures your wellness & helps you to thrive.  The workshops offered can have many benefits including increased self-awareness, increased self-compassion, increased self-trust, improved nervous system regulation and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.  Ann has developed the workshops she offers from many years of clinical experience as a specialist physiotherapist & integrative somatic practitioner, combined with self-practice/study.  Like all of Ann’s work the workshops are offered in a trauma-informed way.

Wellness workshops available

Workshops are tailored for individual group needs.  If any of the workshops mentioned on this page are of interest please get in touch to discuss and to book (if booking is available at that time), or be added to an interested list.  Some examples of the individual workshops and the series of workshops offered.

Creating A Healing Path online 8 week workshop series is a workshop series offered 2-3 times a year for people with pain/fatigue/anxiety, click the button below for more information:

Current Workshops

Ann runs some one off workshops & a series that runs a few times a year (Creating A Healing Path), the following workshops are currently planned for 2024:

The embodied rest workshops will focus on what rest feels like in the body & nurturing rest.  At the start of the workshop we will consider a few things including what rest is and the qualities of rest.  Then we will explore rest through gentle yoga and a mini yoga nidra (a form of meditation that offers deep rest & restoration).  The workshop will close with a summary and sharing of reflections (if anyone wishes to share).  The yoga practice in these workshops includes: restful and restorative yoga asanas/movements; a focus on embodying rest (what it feels like in the body); and meditation/mini yoga nidra to end the practice.  This workshop is usually £25 and is being offered on a donation basis, if a donation isn’t possible it can be offered to you for free.  Part two of the workshop has different information on rest, different reflection prompts and yoga practice, the yoga nidra is the same as in part one, you don’t have to have attended part one to do part two.  If you would like to attend please email Ann at info@unityphysio.co.uk, in your email please advise if you would like to make a donation or need to attend for free and if you have any health condition that may impact your ability to engage in gentle movement and/or the meditation part of the workshop.

Fatigue management Lincoln

All of the workshops can be offered online worldwide, please get in touch with Ann at info@unityphysio.co.uk to book a place on any of these or to be added to the interested list if they haven’t yet got a date to run.

Who are the workshops suitable for?

The Creating A Healing Path 8 week online workshop series has been specially created for people with a condition/conditions associated with persistent/chronic pain, and/or fatigue, and/or anxiety (there may well be other symptoms, especially if someone is living with fibromyalgia, for example).  

All other workshops are suitable for anyone wanting to improve their health & wellbeing and can be adapted when needed, for example if living with persistent pain.  Some workshops, like the Creating A Healing Path series, have a pre-screen to complete before attending.

About Ann

Ann is a fully qualified physiotherapist, life coach, trauma-informed yoga teacher, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, and meditation teacher.  Ann has done a lot of training in trauma, somatics & embodiment, and compassionate mind training/compassion focused therapy.  She combines all of her training that isn’t physiotherapy into working as an integrative somatic practitioner.  She has specialised in working with people who have persistent pain & neurological conditions, alongside this she has a special interest in helping people struggling with ME/CFS, long covid, PoTS, chronic stress and anxiety.  Ann has an integrative approach to health & wellbeing and integrates different aspects from all her knowledge and skills 1:1 appointments in a bespoke way and the workshops she offer.  Some workshops are offered in Ann’s combined capacities as a physiotherapist & integrative somatic practitioner and some are without her physiotherapy capacity (this is made clear at the time on enquiry & booking).  You can find out more about Ann and how she works by clicking the button below:

Other Related Information

Ann published a wellbeing book in 2020 called ‘Dancing Through Life: A Guide to Living Well’, this book covers many different aspects of wellbeing.  You can find a link to this book below.

Other related services offered

Somatic Wellness Coaching

Pain Specialist Physiotherapy


You can arrange a virtual appointment for anywhere in the UK or an in person appointment in Lincoln.

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If you would like to find out how Ann can help manage and change fatigue, do what you love, live well and thrive again get in touch to book your appointment, or a free 15 minute call to help you decide if working with Ann is right for you.

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