‘Connect to Yourself & Others With Compassion, Calm Your Nervous System, Create a Life Full Of Meaning’
What is Yoga?

Yoga is often misunderstood in modern western culture to be a collection of asanas and being able to achieve ‘pretzel like poses.’  We don’t have to be really flexible or achieve ‘pretzel like poses’ to practice yoga, these are misconceptions.  What is missing with this understanding is that yoga has a philosophical and historical background and it is a multifaceted practice that helps us to nurture many aspects of wellness or living well.

The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word that means to yolk or unite, it unites body mind and spirit and helps us be fully present in the moment, accepting what’s present with compassion.  Yoga helps us be present in a broader experience rather than getting hooked up in things like judgements, expectations and worries which restrict our vision.  It helps us to hold things more lightly so we can notice and feel more.  In a wider context it connects and unites all beings through the practice of the 8 limbs and connecting to compassion and common humanity.

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How Yoga Can Help You

Yoga tailored can be safe for many conditions & it is helpful in rehabilitation when tailored by a physiotherapist.  Physiotherapy and yoga are a great union, the two together help to tailor rehabilitation and empower you in improving your health & wellbeing.   Ann integrates yoga into physiotherapy, referred to as physio-yoga, and uses yoga without physiotherapy within wellness coaching and workshops/classes. 

It can be used to calm an overactive sympathetic nervous system and retrain the nervous system, so it can be helpful for people with, for example, persistent pain, ME/CFS, long covid, PoTS, stress and anxiety.  It encourages increased self-awareness and contribute to maintaining and improving wellbeing. 

Yoga has many aspects, of which movement is one (asanas), and regular practice can help you in many ways, including:
Yoga and physiotherapy

'Learn to Become Compassionately Present In Your Body Through Yoga'

About Yoga at Unity Physiotherapy & Wellbeing

As a fully qualified yoga teacher Ann integrates yoga into specialist physiotherapy for people with pain, ME/CFS, long covid, dysautonomia, as well using it in wellness coaching (commonly seeing people with chronic stress and anxiety).  Ann also offers yoga 1:1’s and workshops/classes.  She has also done the three levels of pilates training, along with CPD courses with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute and integrates some of this learning into yoga.  

Who we see

Anyone who would like to explore yoga as part of self-care and being able to nurture their health & wellbeing.  If you have persistent pain or a condition that causes fatigue, then yoga will need to be physio-yoga which combines physiotherapy & yoga.

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