Anne-Marie, Lincoln

I was advised by my doctor that neuro physiotherapy would be beneficial for my fibromyalgia pain and was surprised to find a specialist in Lincoln.  After meeting with Ann for an initial consultation I immediately felt that Ann could help me, giving me information on my pain generating a much better understanding of it and exercises to manage it better.  After a few sessions with Ann I started to feel the benefit of the breathing exercises and simple pilates movements I had been given to work on between sessions and felt that Ann’s knowledge and professionalism meant that she really understood how to help. Something I had not experienced before.  Ann has now helped me to reach point where I can visit the gym regularly without feeling too much pain after a session and has also introduced me to regular pilates classes that are continuing to improve my strength, pain management, balance and coordination as well as teaching relaxation techniques such as meditation that have helped relax tightened muscles as well as the mind.

I would absolutely recommend Ann to anyone in physical pain or simply needing to learn to relax and distress.

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