I got referred to Ann by my physio as after 2/3 years of suffering chronic pain and finally getting an EDS diagnosis I was battling overwhelming fatigue and I was spending weekends ‘recovering’.  I was stuck in a vicious cycle of wanting to manage my condition and flaring up my fatigue.  I was sceptical to work on fatigue as concepts of pacing wasn’t something I thought practical. However, Ann’s approach was focused around being compassionate to myself, checking in with my body and adjusting things that day.  At first the concept of reducing anything would make anxious as I wouldn’t feel like I was doing what I ‘should’ be doing.  But gradually over the sessions I worked with Ann to write a rough plan for the week and be compassionate to myself if I didn’t stick to it.  I learnt to listen to my body and reduce things and to focus on what I needed that day. I also learnt the value of rest and meditation practices which I find helpful.


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