Creating A Healing Path Workshop Testimonial

I’ve always felt a fish out of water.  This course had made me realise I do belong, I can be part of a group.  I have learnt that you can find acceptance in many places and if you remove your avoidance strategies and strip yourself back to your core you can rebuild yourself.  I had previously spent much time learning to self manage my pain but I now know that we need to self manage and protect ourselves from negativity from others or our own inner critic.  When I started the group I did think this wasn’t for me, I didn’t belong but how wrong was I.  Ann’s delivery ensuring we are all included and her gentle, calm and reassuring words made me feel so comfortable.  I’ve opened up on this course in a way I haven’t before.   Ann created such a safe place I faced and acknowledged traumatic events in my life that I’d locked away so deep in my being.  I felt and then knew that there was such compassion in this group that I never once felt judged.

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